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I have just joined wordpress. I am an avid reader and really passionate about writing. I love bringing words to life. I have a very deep and unsatiable love for written creativity .

I would be posting arricles on general topics. I hope I am able to improve as I write more and more.

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One of a Kind

I meet various people daily. Some of them my friends, some my colleagues and other acquaintances.

I used to think the way to be special in a society, is to be like someone you admire, look up to & idolize.

It took me a few tries. Some ugly friendships later I realized that I was not faulty. Its just that I had personality that was too hard for them to handle.

Its tough ,when in your teen years , all you ever want to be is impressive. You want to be the most popular, the most looked up & the most favourable guy or girl in a world that means much to you.

You dont realize that while you want to be popular, its through imitation. That guy dresses like him. This girl wears the clothes with fashion sense of a populat artist and so on.

You never realize when in this world of temptation , you chose to give up your own identity. You are no longer an individual or an original. Just a caricature of someone else. This is very sad as it deteriorates the originality.

It is like adulteration. You want to mix unnecessary elements to your personality which you are not inclined to just because you want to be more popular. So much stake for just popularity’s sake.

You are a beautiful soul. Yes each one of you reading this are unique in your own way. Just because you havent found your groove yet dosent mean you are not beautiful. Its your personality, your attitude towards life, your attention to self and most importantly high esteem. These are what defines you. All the people in the world are talented at something or the other. You are simply yet to find your best.

You are one of a kind. Why be One in a Million, when you can be The One?


Sunset, Sunrise & Carpe Diem

Hello everyone,

I have read and heard so many people- colleagues, friends, families, neighbours ; how they feel doomed just because they couldn’t seize that one opportunity.

 I’m writing with this article with the dream of being able to create hope in a few minds if not all & maybe save atleast one person as that would make my life worthwhile.


When you feel the whole world is conspiring against you, when you feel nothing is right, when you wish the black hole opens up and vacuums you into it, when you start loving the dark, when you love the numbness and make it your best friend. 


YOU are not the first person to have an affair with the darkness. There are so many people who like you wish they couldn’t feel. But just think of one person – dead or alive. Picture them in front of you.

Just imagine what would you tell yourself if the roles reversed. 

The world is dark place. There is only so much light. Life is never fair. Life is a bargain. You have to take the gamble. It will never give you happiness at the cost of nothing.

What you do when you feel nothing is what shows who you are. Discover your strength. It is in the worst phase of your life that you explore your strength. Feel the pain. Feeling numb is a seduction . You are a better person.

Life will always give you chances for all the pain it gives. It is your strength and character that shines through when you are able to look through.

For every sunset there is a sunrise.            For every lost chance, there is a new gamble.                                                                 

A great warrior is  not the one who shows his strength when luck is on his side. Its the way he wields the weapons in his arsenal and disposal at the worst possible phase in his life.

I hope it wasnt that bad. I hope to receive constructive criticism to provide you with better posts the next time.

                           — Carpe Diem


Gender Equality

 “We’re still living with the ideology of compromise, not with the ideology of recognition”
– Dipin Damodharan

 Who is a man? Who is a woman? Does it really matter because in the end we all are human beings. Gender Equality has become more like a dream. The more we think about making it a reality, the more it seems distant and impossible to achieve. Gender Equality means equal rights and opportunities to all the genders irrelevant of their sex. 

 The Society is one of the crucial factors as to why there is such a huge divide between man and woman . This disruptive and pessimistic notion is one of the reasons our nation has such a low progressive rate. Some cities have started recognising women as a valuable person and not just an object . 

 Traditionally women are still believed to simply cook food and raise children while men are supposed to earn the bread and butter for the families.
It is about time to break these narrow, traditional amd stereotypical views on the roles of men and women. 

Both men amd women should respect each other and regard the other genders in high esteem.
For the nation to make progress, the mindset of the citizens has to take a positive and broader outlook about the roles of men and women. 

 A real man treats a woman as an equal and a partner, rather than as an object. A real man is allowed to feel, to emote, to love, to cry and to have his weak moments. A real man is human, and like all humans he can be both strong as well as vulnerable. The rules for masculinity have changed. 

 A real woman is smart, strong, funny, confident and more than what she wears or what she looks like. A woman of substance will always treat a man as her equal if she receives the same amount of respect. 

 As sad it is, a woman needs to work twice as hard to be considered half as good as men on the same or lower level.
The day the world realizes what the women are capable of all the chauvinistic men will be as good as ashes. Those men who think that women is just for managing a house it is time to show them. 

 “I find it strange that practicing law in a co mfortable well-heated office is considered too demanding an occupation for women, yet laboring from dawn’s first light in crowded, drafty, ill-lit sweatshops is not.”
-Shirley Tallman.

 As long as these Misogynistic thoughts are not eradicated , a world where men and women are equally valued would be as good as just a night’s dream. Nothing is impossible since the word itself says I M Possible.

 “No matter how dark the cloud, there is always a thin, silver lining, and that is what we must look for. The silver lining will come, if not to us then to next generation or the generation after that. And maybe with that generation the lining will no longer be as thin”- Wangari Maathai
I hope this ain’t a very bad start. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I hope to improve as I keep on writing with the suggestions I get.

Keep on reading for more such content.

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